The concept of “biophilia”, launched by the American biologist Edward Osborne Wilson in his book, “Biophilia”, refers to the biological inclination of the human being towards association with natural systems and processes, these having a major role for the health and productivity of people.

Today, when urban agglomerations are constantly expanding, the connection with nature can also be restored at home, by integrating the concept of biophilia in interior design.

The benefits of integrating the biophilia concept in interior design

The main reason why the concept of biophilia is becoming more and more popular is represented by the benefits that connecting with nature brings to health, productivity and well-being.

A recent study by the European Center for Environment and Human Health at the University of Exeter shows that people who spend at least two hours per week in nature have better wellbeing and health than those whose lifestyles are almost total disconnected from the elements of nature.

On the other hand, a team of researchers from the UCL School of Management in London, the University of Oklahoma and the University of Georgia published this year the results of a survey conducted among employees in several companies in the US, Canada, China, New Zealand and Indonesia. The study’s findings highlight that experiencing even small doses of nature at work improved employees’ well-being, leading to increased productivity, motivation and creativity.

The EIC study, conducted in parallel in 12 US states, focused on the impact of the natural environment on the learning process in schools. The data indicated that the majority of students in EIC programs performed better in reading, writing and mathematics, had fewer disciplinary problems, were more aware and proud of their own achievements, and were also more motivated and had an increased enthusiasm for learning.

Another study by Washington Elementary School in Berkeley found that natural environments boost creativity, critical thinking and problem solving.

The principles of the biophilia concept in interior design 

The theory behind the concept of biophilia has been described with a framework of tools, called models, which bring elements of the natural world back into our immediate living environment. By incorporating natural elements into design, nature becomes part of the interior design, like an exceptional work of art that needs to be highlighted.

Basic elements of the concept of biophilia in design include the colors of the earth, sunlight, plants and images of animals and landscapes from nature. The focus is on natural plants, without turning your home or office into a jungle. Vertical flower stands, plant paintings or plant walls, for example, represent a solution for saving space, but also for air purification, being at the same time a special, surprising and delightful decorative element.

Lines and shapes that appear in nature can be integrated, for example, in the home or office, through arches and vaults. And the furniture items are placed in such a way that they become a frame of the natural picture. Using natural materials such as stone and wood, recreating the sound of water from nature with a decorative indoor fountain, ambient music with nature sounds or aromatherapy will all bring nature into the home.

The concept of biophilia in design emphasizes light and space. The large windows and the direct access to the terrace make the connection between the interior and the nature from outside, and the fresh air will energize the atmosphere in the house. Even using LED technology to simulate the natural experience, whether there are clouds in the sky or a waterfall, can help you relax.

The interior design will focus on specific themes such as order, safety, complexity, curiosity, mastery, control, affection, exploration, discovery and wonder, successfully combining modern and timeless elements.


The concept of biophilia celebrates the idea of an urban interior as a combination of progress, technology and reconnection with nature. Works of art, plants, welcoming and healthy colors, photographs from nature, bright and airy spaces, lush terraces, are just a few examples of integrating the concept of biophilia into any interior, to enjoy relaxation and energy every day.