Roșu în bucătărie


Roșu în bucătărie

An all-white kitchen is the definition of classic, which provides the necessary background for small color accents. Classic shades of brown and wood are also staples in many kitchen interior design styles. Color combinations are, however, the best ways to give personality to any kitchen. Include the following bold colors in your kitchen for a comfortable space that inspires you every day.

Blends of green

For nature lovers, shades of green are a solution for kitchen design. But they can create the feeling of crowded space. That is why it is recommended to combine the color green, used especially for cabinets, with reflective white surfaces and golden metal accessories. Glossy finishes will reflect light and add a touch of sparkle to the kitchen

Refreshing lime green can be blended with shades of dark gray for a modern kitchen color scheme. Use gray on permanent items and keep green for interchangeable accents like chairs, rugs, artwork and countertop accessories. To avoid looking too gloomy, balance the color with lots of white on upper cabinets and walls. An alternative to this combination is mint green paired with shades of brown.

Blends of blue

You can create a timeless color scheme for your kitchen by combining different shades of blue. Start with a lighter shade for larger elements, such as cabinets or walls, and add darker blues through rugs, chairs, or appliances and tableware.

Blue gets more energy in combination with shades of orange. Both colors complement bright white-painted furniture, providing a great way to liven up a modern kitchen.

Blends of red 

Red is a surprisingly versatile kitchen color, especially when paired with a dark neutral. For a modern look, choose an orange-red, and for a more traditional style, go for a stronger darker shade of red. You can balance the red with black cabinets, floors or countertops.

The combination of red and yellow in the kitchen has been used in Europe for generations and remains popular in modern design today. This pair of warm colors evokes the feeling of a stately English manor house, a French country cottage or a beautiful Tuscan villa. To create the feeling of more space in the kitchen, use yellow as the room’s anchor color, then add red accents to punctuate the design.

Blends of gray

Shades of gray are gaining ground in modern kitchens. Create a sense of calm by using gray as a background color for walls or cabinets. Add vibrancy by introducing a bright accent color like sunny yellow. To keep the feeling relaxed, add accents of cool blue or soft green.

Gray goes well with almost any color, making it a versatile base for your kitchen color scheme. Even shades of purple no longer seem as intimidating in the kitchen when paired with a deep charcoal gray. A neutral base helps the royal purple accents stand out without overwhelming the space. You can balance rich, royal colors with lots of white.