After many months of living at home, quarantine, fear and despair, no one is surprised that the environment in which we live has a direct connection with our brain. Mental health, creativity, anxiety, a sense of control: they are all related to the place you spend your time.


This year, in particular, our routines have changed so dramatically that we need to find new ways to manage our lives at home. Autumn / winter cleaning is an affordable way to create immediate changes in our space, and we are not just talking about regular cleaning, the one in which we wipe the windows and vacuum the carpets. We are talking about a cleansing of negative energies in spaces, a “recovery” and a refreshment of the environment in which we spend our time.


Clean spaces encourage calm and relaxation

Clean spaces inspire mental clarity, which in return helps us relax. Autumn is a great time for a fresh start, to clean and create space.
The expert in bioGeometry within rewireinteriordesign.com agency confesses to us: “BioGeometry is based on centering on the harmonization of the earth’s energies with our body. Our brain loves space, organization. So start with decluttering, which means giving up old energies, useless objects, which you have not used in the last 2 years, let’s say. All these things have stored energies, which impede a creative, clean, new energy flow.
Open the way to creativity. As humans, we are creators. Our brain loves to find new ways to fill space. Do this by organizing the available and absolutely necessary things, by adapting decorative objects, art, green plants, beautiful things that will delight your soul. At that moment you will fall in love with the newly organized space, you will stay at home with pleasure, you will be productive, your mood will be different. Cleaning is a physical demonstration of change and the creation of
space where anything is possible. ”


By cleaning we regain control

The physical act of beautifying the space in which we live brings us a sense of peace and also of order. Cleaning gives us a sense of dominance over our environment, a sense of control. At present, in the context of the pandemic, we have no control over external factors, apart from our obligations to respect the rules, to keep ourselves safe and to vote; we live with a more or less conscious feeling of fear, and this does not help when it comes to our mental comfort. Making
conscious choices about the organization of physical space helps us to overcome this feeling of helplessness.


More space, more opportunities

In BioGeometry, cleaning symbolizes the order and flow of energy. In fact, it strengthens our ability to concentrate and also delimits stronger personal boundaries. We are in control of our decisions.
We create our personal space, we establish a relationship with physical matter. Starting with empty space, we “add” to it projections of our energies, physical variants of our emotions.


But what should we do with all this newly found space?

“Set up your home for success and well-being,” recommends rewireinteriordesign.com art and decoration consultant Monica Andronic. “Start by repositioning the bed and other pieces of furniture, if possible, change the color of the walls, highlight the decorative objects you are really in love with, by displaying them in visible places. Create a quiet, bright reading corner where you can retreat to your breathing moments. Keep the dining table clean, with fresh flowers in a nice
vase, for a quality time spent with the family around it.
Bring freshness to your home by caring for indoor plants and placing them in as many bright corners as possible.
Invest in a painting, graphics, a small sculpture – an art object creates a moral dominance, a sense of reward, as well as a great way to start a conversation.”

So, when you feel powerless, tired, in a state of constant stress, start by creating order in the spaces where you are in control. The fluid, airy space creates room for the emergence of new emotions and offers a well-deserved rest.