Stil de design interior


Stil de design interior

When your personality is shown in every corner of your home, you know you’ve created the space that defines you. And there is no more welcoming space than the one in which you can be yourself. Defining your own interior design style will give you the comfort you need, well-being and the atmosphere in which you can be creative, productive and confident.


One’s own interior design style is determined by past experiences, personal culture, family personalities and individual preferences. Here are the main points you can keep in mind for defining your own interior design style, to enjoy the perfect home for you and your family.

1. Start with what you already know and have

Look inside your home, including your wardrobe. Put aside the items you love and that you wouldn’t give up because they represent you. Look at the things you wear, your favorite color palette, the clothing style you feel best in. Objectively analyze whether you can and would like to extend them in your home decoration.

Select from different sources of information – print, online – interior design images that inspire you, with which you can connect. Think about the current atmosphere of your home and the mood you are dreaming of. With all the puzzle pieces above, notice the commonalities, what stands out, what resonates with your personality.

2. Test on smaller space

If you already have a clear idea of the interior design style you want to tackle, it means you’re ready to get down to business. Great care, however, if there are other residents in the same home. Maybe not everyone agrees with you or just doesn’t fully understand your style.

You can start with a test on a smaller space in the house. Refreshing the kitchen, the entrance hall or the balcony that you have already transformed into your own space for work or relaxation. Any of these can be a good starting point to implement your tidy up plan in your personal interior design style.

3. Dare, invest in yourself

If you are still undecided, be patient with yourself and don’t give up by choosing neutral solutions. Take small steps, piece by piece purchase items that you like and that catch your eye. Gradually mix colors, textures and personality for a complete look that speaks to your unique style choices.

You don’t have to propose yourself to decorate the space in the new style in one day. Give yourself and your space the necessary pause to evolve together over time. As we grow, our interior design style can also evolve. Pieces that have personal value will remain part of your story. More fleeting and trendy pieces can quickly go out of style. Invest more in yourself, in what you like and what defines you.


Keep in mind, though, that you’re unlikely to fit perfectly into a certain standard interior design style. Everyone’s taste is unique, and yours will likely be a mix of different looks and styles. There are many shades that make up your unique style. Be proud of your style, as you are of your achievements, of your personality!