Desigul holului de la intrare


Desigul holului de la intrare

The hallway at the entrance to the house is the home’s business card, the first contact that guests have with a house and the landmark on the basis of which they build their first impression of that house. It is therefore recommended to pay the same attention to the design of the entrance hallway as to the one of the whole house. Here are the interior design essentials for a warm welcoming entrance hallway.

1) Lighting

Usually, the entrance hallway is narrow and lacks natural light. However, the entrance hallway is the space that needs a lot of light, because it is also the place where we make the final touches to our outfit and appearance, before leaving the house. Choose at least one fairly strong artificial light source so that the hallway is bright and welcoming. Wall-mounted sconce lights are ideal for low ceilings, while pendant lights or chandeliers work well with high ceilings as well as being a stunning piece of hallway decor.

2) Color

A dark color will create the feeling that the rooms next to the hallway are larger, while a light pearl color will make the hallway seem more spacious and will also reflect the light from inside. Small, narrow hallways tend to suit a color scheme of white, cream, or pale gray, while darker shades are often used in larger, wider hallways to add warmth and depth. But even a smaller hallway can seem wider and taller by painting the walls and ceiling in different colors. A lighter shade for the ceiling, alongside a darker or stronger one for the walls, will add height to the space. For example, a deep blue or near black will make an impact in the entrance hallway, especially if it is brightened up with a white ceiling and well-chosen accents – metallic wall-mounted sconce lights or a colorful piece of art.

3) Mirror

One of the easiest ways to visually enlarge a small space is to place a large mirror on a wall. This will create the illusion of depth and amplify the brightness inside. It is recommended to avoid placing several mirrors facing each other on opposite walls, as this can create a confusing and awkward effect. You can create a glamorous interior design of the hallway with a mirror with a gold frame or in a color contrasting with the shade of the walls, which will give an elegant and impactful touch.

4) Storage

The entrance hallway must be clean and well organized. As the last area you see in the morning on your way to work and the first one once you get home, the hallway is the place where you need to have the necessary things at hand without cluttering up the space. The hallway will therefore include a rack for clothes and shoes, but also storage spaces for umbrellas, keys, a bag or even sunglasses. These pieces of furniture, if chosen carefully, can be crucial design elements, as they give the entrance hallway an extra touch of functionality and originality. You can also decorate the furniture in the hallway with some candles or paintings so that it remains neat and elegant.

5) Flooring

The entrance hallway is the area that tends to attract the most traffic in the house. Invest in durable floors with a non-slip finish. And if space allows, add a cheerful rug and an soft bench to make the hallway warmer and more welcoming. Choose materials and colors that match the style and furnishings of the rest of the home to ensure an aesthetically pleasing space that exudes comfort and relaxation.

Whether the entrance hallway is part of the living room or completely separate, ensuring consistency of style is essential for creating a perfect interior. Consider the entrance hallway as an integral part of the interior design project of the house, and do not forget that a well-designed entrance hallway will certainly make your home more welcoming for you and your guests. An interior designer will identify the most optimal solutions for an entrance hallway with personality and charm.