Design baie


Design baie

A modern bathroom is elegant, bright and airy. Regardless of the size of the room, a suitable interior design will transform the bathroom into a relaxing space. This because a modern bathroom does not only mean functionality, but also durability, quality and style. Discover the defining interior design elements for any modern bathroom.

  1. Neutral colors

A neutral color scheme never goes out of style. Perhaps the most common color in a bathroom is white, which visually increases the space and brightness of the interior, while inspiring freshness and cleanliness. But there are several color combinations suitable for a modern bathroom.

For example, shades of brown and beige inspire peace and calm, and metallic gold accessories give extra elegance. Shades of gray are also suitable for a modern bathroom, especially since they match almost any other color.

For contrast and drama, choose the black and white combination, which offers a graphic look that is as bold as it is bright. And to emphasize strong personalities and design courage, you can choose darker shades of blue, gray or green.

  1. Mirrors and lighting

Space is not infinite, and the key to interior design for a modern bathroom is to create as much space as possible. This can be achieved, visually, using large mirrors and multiple light sources. A modern bathroom will include clean lines and geometric shapes for both mirrors and lighting.

Modern style mirrors are either frameless or with a thin metal frame. The mirrors can be round, rectangular, oval or asymmetrical, without many ornaments, with integrated back lighting or supplementary lighting above or on the sides.

In addition to mirror lighting, most modern bathrooms have recessed ceiling lights for the vanity area, shower area, or general interior lighting. Even in bathroom interiors that benefit from natural light, suitable sources of artificial light are recommended for dark mornings and evenings.

  1. Geometric shapes

Geometric tile patterns are good choices for a modern bathroom interior. Clean lines and interesting shapes add visual interest to a space without over-the-top ornaments or decorative items.

A game of geometric shapes can also be easily implemented through the storage spaces, the continuation of the floor tile style on a half wall or a puzzle-like design on a wall in the shower area.

  1. Freestanding bathtub and hanging sink

A freestanding bathtub is a key element in a modern-style bathroom, as it creates a strong focal point for the interior, like a piece of sculpture. Modern bathtubs can be oval, rectangular or corner type, without legs or other complicated details.

At the same time, a hanging sink creates the illusion of additional space and a chic, distinct, modern style. It is recommended to choose footless sinks and suspended bathroom furniture and a spacious countertop.

Wall-mounted toilets are another key element of the modern bathroom. Hanging toilets are suitable for spacious or compact bathrooms to keep things simple and tidy.

  1. Minimalist faucets and fixtures

The basic rule for designing a bathroom in a modern style is simplicity. Avoid the temptation to add overly sophisticated faucets, and instead choose minimalist fittings that aligns with the overall theme of the bathroom.

Select faucets that use clean lines and simple silhouettes, but are also durable and of high quality. Countertop faucets come in more styles than wall-mounted faucets, while two-handle faucets are considered a bit more traditional than single-handle faucets, which offer a sleek, modern look.

Make sure all bathroom accessories are in the same style. For safety, you can opt for a single line from the same manufacturer.

When it comes to fasteners, chrome is currently one of the trendiest finishes due to its versatility. The chrome fixtures fit perfectly with the neutral color palette of a modern bathroom.


A modern bathroom is also organized and clean, without being crowded by storage spaces. While for added freshness and well-being, you can decorate the bathroom with candles, plants and natural flowers.