I become more and more aware of the limits above people, regardless of the form it takes: whether it is the barriers raised by the daily reality of each or the ones related to genetic inheritance. Whether they are barriers created by everyone’s ego or by the spirituality to which a person adheres with so much passion in the hope that there he will find his salvation.

The times we live in now are at least interesting and each of us feels them on our own, consciously or not. Everything has changed and, whether we are aware of it or not, the truth is that nothing will be the same! We face the invisible cloak that floats over our lives every day: the financial crisis. But this crise it is not the first, we have already overcome a financial crisis, there were very difficult times for everyone, but now we can say that we are on a known path, not really new.

The barrier I am talking about in the title is present in each of us. It manifests itself with different intensities, of course, but it exists, no doubt! When we say that we have come to the end of one’s rope, we have in fact reached the point where we have allowed ourselves to reach ourselves. It is the end of our energy, the evolutionary point we have reached. And this point cannot be characterized as good or bad. It’s just a point. Point.

What is interesting is that less than one in ten people on the planet consider themselves to be in the “barrier situation” and have thus come to push this point away from them, in the so-called awakening of consciousness. But they moved it, they expanded their area of the subconscious by accessing a creative and imaginative point (it exists, by the way, in each of us).

What was the result? A mini Babylon that we live in today: different languages that communicate heavily and manage to do so only through heart signals, but which, mysteriously, manage to harmonize in a chorus similar to the Dance of the Iele (The iele are feminine mythical creatures in Romanian mythology. There are several differing descriptions of their characteristics. Often they are described as faeries, with great seductive power over men, with magic skills and attributes
similar to nymphs, naiads and dryads found in Greek mythology -n).
Those who appreciate this “madness” feel like fish in water. The others? Like fish on a bicycle!

On the other hand, returning to the remaining nine out of ten people, they somehow manage to live in old, outdated patterns, which today, in fact, no longer really exist, but are inherited. They carry these patterns after them, pull on them, struggle to carry them further like soldiers lost in the woods looking for a way out, without a compass, on a starless night. This majority is still guided by the egotistical financial barrier. I came to this conclusion after an interesting discussion with a man with a beautiful soul who said to me: “if I could be at the Four Seasons or I could have the house like at the Four Seasons, I would have everything”.