Incorporating art into your home is the key to differentiating between a home and the home you dreamed of, saw in pictures on instagram or pinterest.
It is true that not everyone loves the huge pieces of art that occupy a large part of the living space, but even the smallest and most subtle things can mean a lot and can make a difference in the way you and those who cross your threshold perceive space, so this is why art is so important in interior design.


Art makes our interiors special, this is a truth. But it is equally true that not everyone can afford or imagine a piece of art in their home. This basically means that those who can are automatically different from the rest and that their interior is different from the interior of their friends, family or neighbors. Including a single piece of art – a painting, a sculpture, a framed photograph or an art installation – in your home will set you apart from everyone else and instantly turn your home into something special. All you have to do is learn how to choose a suitable piece of art and you will create a special atmosphere in the shortest time.


Art as a focal point

“Every room needs a point of interest, something that will attract the attention of visitors in a few seconds. The best way to do this is by adapting a piece of fine art that needs to be positioned and highlighted properly, and anyone stepping into that room will notice it. Moreover, this solution is not only attractive from an aesthetic point of view, but also practical: most people have problems decorating the interior and arranging an interesting central point, and adapting a piece
of art makes this much easier. All you have to do is find an empty wall, a corner where you can install a pedestal with a sculpture, a coffee table on which to display an old object, and be confident in your choices “, explains Monica Andronic, the interior design specialist at


Art projects your philosophy of life

Another amazing thing about art is how versatile it can be. Depending on the shape, size, technique and themes you choose, art adapts to your lifestyle, defines it and highlights your personality. Modern art, – from digital prints, minimalist graphics to large photographs, 3D works – shows how contemporary and innovative you are, while an oil on canvas, or a watercolor, lithograph or pastel signed Ressu, Vânătoru, Petrașcu or any others like it show a more traditional side of life, more inclined towards established values, towards the composition of a collection. In short, art speaks for you and defines you, so exposing it is always a good idea.


Art emphasizes your creative side

Not all art in the house has to be expensive and created by famous artists – even the least creative can create their own special pieces. In this way, art can highlight your creative side and confirm that you are a good photographer or that you have a talent for drawing / painting. It can also have a therapeutic role, you can find realaxation in the act of drawing, of sliding the brush on the canvas, maybe even of modeling in clay. Why not try and expose the fruit of your hands, waiting for the reactions of friends? Every artist’s house is full of different pieces of art and that’s normal to be, so why not become an artist and present your creations?


When we arrange a house, we invest both material and emotional resources. We want it to be the home of our dreams. We gather images in which we find ourselves, with interiors that we would like. However hard we try, the implementation is never easy, and in the end, after we have bought
the furniture and the curtains and the carpet are in place, the spaces may seem unfinished or incomplete. That’s why you need art and decorative objects to complete the room.


“Art adds color to the room and helps us decorate it more appropriately, but it also introduces a touch of texture. So, whether you opt for a sculpture or a piece of wall art, it will bring the whole room together, creating an aesthetic reality pleasing to the eye. And that’s what we all need when it comes to interior design. Not everyone is a fan of art, they may consider it a field reserved only for initiates, but if we look better, we certainly realize why art is so important and what kind of
change it can bring to our lives, so I invite you to step out of your comfort zone and give it a try! ”
– Monica Andronic.