Project no. 55

Project no. 55

In developing the concept of this project, we started from the current and future needs of a young family, with 2 small children, and we proposed a modern home, with elegant notes, with easily accessible spaces and a functional flow.

The architecture of the building was adapted to the existing structure, the upper floor was raised and the main access entrance was changed in the building.

The dimensions of some windows have been changed to facilitate better natural lighting, and the proposed finishes both inside and outside are made of natural materials, in warm colors and easy to integrate.

In order to delimit the space of the living room, we proposed the installation of a classic element, Corinthian columns.


On the 1st floor are the bedrooms and dressing area,  where we kept an airy atmosphere, light colors with small golden accents, easy access to the bathrooms and dressing room.

Abundant natural light is filtered by curtains and drapes in neutral colors, which further highlight the finishes of the walls and pieces of furniture.

For the bathroom areas, we used warm chromatic materials as a background, but we completed them with certain elements that bring a touch of color and texture: powder room wallpaper, black and white or colored play on the floor, reflections, etc.

The terrace and the garden of the house are real oases of greenery, comfortable and inviting to spend as much time outside as possible.