Milano Design Week 2024


Milano Design Week 2024

The world of interior design gathered in Milan, at the biggest annual design event in the world. Milan Design Week took place between April 15th to 21st, together with Salone del Mobile, at Milan’s Rho Fiera, bringing together nearly 2,000 renowned exhibitors from around the world. The event also included over 1300 other events spread throughout the city. Exhibitions, installations, meetings with designers, extraordinary openings enlivened streets, secret courtyards and industrial spaces, redesigned neighborhoods and changed the face of historic buildings. All organized at the same time, with the same spirit and common theme: circularity, inclusion and capitalization of emerging talents.

The REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® team was present this year as well at Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile and presents us the latest trends in interior design.

„Materia Natura”, the central theme of Milano Design Week 2024

Designers, architects, schools, universities and other institutions were present at Milan Design Week 2024 to exchange ideas that shape the present while looking to the future of the environment. Design practices play a key role in fostering a culture of thoughtful design, with a focus on sustainability as a core principle and core value in the creative process.

These perspectives were captured in the theme of this year’s Milan design week: “Materia Natura”. The theme balances people’s general interest in nature and the interpretation of the relationship between human nature and the natural world. While the term “nature” recalls current environmental problems, promoting sustainable solutions, the term “materia” provokes dialogue in design, strategic planning and creative potential.

The central theme of this year’s edition of Milan Design Week was highlighted by the exhibitors both through the displays of the stands and through the products presented.

One section of “Material Home”, for example, was a gallery of valuable materials celebrating a return to nature. The walls covered with hemp plaster create an intimate and comfortable space; a small picture gallery houses six paintings made of roots, hemp, linden, ash, bog wood and cotton canvas. On the floor, six parallelepipeds constructed from materials such as stone and hemp provide the ideal launch pad to reflect on the sustainability of resources and the future of production.

Trends of the moment at Salone Del Mobile 2024

The REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® team focused this year on the hundreds of exhibitors at Salone Del Mobile, trying to capture a mix between big brands and small designers: Baxter, Saba (More), Classi Con, Ton, Black Tie, Eicholtz, Tachini, Mini forms, Gessie, Lualdi and many others.

The team members were impressed by the stands’ displays, which every year manage to reinvent themselves and innovate, creating a new impression. “We were particularly impressed with the Evolution 21 which comes strong to the market with a versatile, easily customizable Belgian design,” said REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® representatives.

Compared to the last 2 years, a remarkable evolution of the fair’s participants could be observed. For the first time, after the pandemic, among the participants were also representatives from Asia. REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® team is estimating 10-15% growth over last year. However, the organizers of Salone del Mobile managed to cope brilliantly with the new wave of exhibitors and visitors.

“We also felt inspired by the product design artists from Baranzate Atelier who showed their true creativity and manage to create new trends, which will certainly, in the near future, create design pieces for big brands. They are really some art pieces”, said the representatives of REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN®.

Among the other brands that had a strong impact on visitors were Studio Elementarires, Atelier Serruys, Elle Award winner Laurids Galle from Objects with narratives, who presented art pieces made from resin, wood, copper or plastic.

REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® and the Milan Design Week 2024 experience

“The whole atmosphere of Milan Design Week 2024 was a real experience, starting from the crowds on the streets, the curiosity of designers from all over the world for exhibitions, installations and innovation in the design market, to the special locations where the events took place in within the framework of the design week”, emphasized the representatives of REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN®.

The REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® team received invitations from several brands, such as Molteni&C, Eicholtz, Bonaldo, to see their very impressive new collections. The team was also invited by one of the collaborating brands, Eicholtz, to Palazzo Parigi, an extremely elegant location, where they met the people behind this beautiful brand.

“The creativity of all exhibitor was amazing. The chosen locations in the fashion city, some of which are not accessible during the rest of the year, were also transformed into real art works. In the furniture area, emphasis was placed on clean, simple lines, most of the exhibitors using sustainable materials, in line with the theme of this year’s edition, Materia Natura”, added the representatives of REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN®.

REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® interior design studio offers an unique combination of design and project management expertise with a focus on creating healthy and visually impactful spaces. The REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® portfolio includes a full range of interior design services, starting from plans, mood boards, renderings, i.e. clear, complete 3D sketches and visualizations, and up to the proposal of concrete interior design solutions, including furniture, lighting fixtures and other decorations. REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® also offers services for the purchase of furniture items, lighting fixtures, finishes and decorations proposed in the interior design project, as well as support in choosing art objects, paintings or sculptures.