I believe that the purpose of people on this earth is to create. Once we reach a point of creation, it is necessary to gain the freedom to express our own color.

Young children manage to impress us, to intrigue us through the purity of imagination, through the freedom of thought and action. In the same way, if we access that point in us we will be able to share joy, good mood, love, in the environments in which we live, work, sleep, socialize, love.

Using the right colors for your soul, becomes for you a power that will improve your happiness, well-being and confidence. Everything around us is color, we are color. Color will help you improve your well-being. Color means light. What we see are waves of light traveling to us from the sun. Each color has a particular frequency.

The understanding of colors today is more subconscious and much more evolved than it was in the time of our ancestors, but we still instinctively relate to color. We respond to colors, we understand the messages we send but not on a conscious level. We stop just as it starts to get more interesting. When light enters our eyes, it releases a chemical substance, initiating an electrical message that reaches the brain and then the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus together with the pituitary gland governs: metabolism, appetite, body temperature, body water balance, sleep, reproductive and sexual functions. Colors are not just visual excitation that creates psychological changes in us, but delivers us an emotional experience. In other words, different color frequencies influence different stimuli that can awaken in you: depression, calm, energy. Every impulse of color creates an impact, every color affects the way we think, the way we feel and behave. Whether a color stimulates or soothes our state, it all depends on its intensity. If a chromatic is saturated, the impact is easier on us. If the chromatic is stronger, the impact is greater on us. Dark, intense colors stimulate the mind, while the most saturated ones calm it down.


If we review the psychology of primary colors very quickly: red activates the fight or flight instinct (a psychological response to a threat or attack), yellow is one of the strongest colors psychologically that affects emotions and has a direct impact on the nervous system. Blue affects the intellect, its main action is to be a trigger for mental responses. Green is a color that brings harmony. It lies between the quality of red, the intellect of blue and the emotion of yellow. In essence, green is the color of the heart and is found as a form of balance between mind, body and soul.


Find your own color, understand that the way you perceive color influences your emotion, the way you think and the way you behave.
What’s your color?