Just as we decorate a part of our house in the same way we can decorate our lives. The way we consciously choose a color for an armchair, a decorative accessory or a bouquet of flowers, we can just as easily choose an energy that manifests itself, that defines us, represents us and makes its mark on where we are.


Nothing is more spectacular, more challenging than having a room to decorate. Imagination, thoughts, feelings, intuition, structure, colors of thoughts begin to work, to motivate you, to define you. In the same way you can start to express yourself in different contexts, to start thinking about who you really are in your heart, how to shape your day, how to show more empathy.


Just as creativity in the home design process manifests itself naturally in some people, so does the flexibility with which you relate to different environments or to different situations from an emotional, human point of view, comes as a gift. This means that people who find it easier, actively participate in decorating their lives.


The way we live is a social statement, whether it is conscious or not. We can enter a room dressed elegantly, simply or eccentrically. The way we are perceived is not only different, it depends on how we want to project our image on the outside. Likewise, the way we talk to people, we interact with them, changes the energy more deeply than anything else. The tone of voice determines an identical interaction with music, influencing the emotional state.


Just as we consciously create an environment in the home in which we live, we can consciously choose to decorate our lives with the desired energy.
It is important to be aware so that the norm of this expression adds value to the beauty of the world, making creation heard, felt, in a lasting, beautiful, responsible and loving way.
Decorate your life the way you decorate your house and always have the feeling of “welcome” in your heart.