Most of us do a lot and have a lot of things in our possession that we don’t use. Our daily life is full of attachments, worries and fears. Our minds become confused and we no longer know what is the real need. We as humans are constantly experiencing space, time, play. The problem is that we lose focus, become confused about harmony, and lose the definition of who we are and how we really work.


What most people do not understand is that if we adopt a daily lifestyle in which we organize a small part of the house, we are no longer feeling overwhelmed by unnecessary things, we manage to relax and feel good. The most important thing is that if we will manage to get used to organizing, the energy of things will no longer remain stored, whether we talk about our house, mind or heart.


The simplest methods you can apply to achieve a state of harmony, of balance, at home and in tour heart are:
• To declutter the space you  live in, not to store unnecessary things and try to surround yourself with beautiful, harmonious, clean things;
• To create a space that represents you and to which you feel connected, inspires you, brings you peace and harmony.


Once you learn to do these things outside yourself, it will be very easy to bring them inside you, so that your life becomes easier.

Start with small steps with a small area of your house, with one of your thoughts that has been pressing you for a long time and has been causing you stress. It will gradually turn into a way of life and harmony will take place both in your home and in your life.