REWIRE offers an exclusive consulting service in the choice of works of art and author / antique pieces that enable the project spaces.

Whether it is paintings by artists already established on the Romanian market, works by young artists, less known or on the rise, art collections / antiques / old objects in the family / ethnographic collections, etc., the agency’s specialists work to integrate them from the early stages in the project concept.


  1. As a way of working, after establishing the budget dedicated to this stage and the direction to follow (classical / contemporary art / antiques, chromatics, dimensions, etc.), the concrete proposals follow.
  2. After discussing all the proposed options and choosing the pieces, the agency also deals with their direct purchase, links with artists and art galleries being one of the differentiating services of the agency.
  3. The delivery and installation of the selected works are also included in this service, REWIRE also offering the most viable solutions for display.

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