Interior design and decorations

The process a project goes through is divided into several stages.

  1. Thus, it starts from the discussion with the client, from establishing a direct connection by knowing the personality, the lifestyle and the client’s passions, in order to define the concept as accurately as possible. Once the basic requirements are determined, we move on to the next stage, that of creating a strategy: starting from the current situation, going through intuition, research and creative exploration, the direction to be followed is outlined.
  2. The project is followed by planning, sometimes even by consulting in the choice of land, financial assistance to find the most efficient solutions, architectural plans, installation plans, electrical plans, layout / repartitioning of spaces, furniture plans and decoration.
  3. The interior design part is extremely important and sensitive, the role of a specialist being to intuit and fulfill the expectations of the beneficiary. As a working method, the REWIRE agency makes proposals with suggestive images to establish the stylistic direction, chromatic and chosen textures, then the 2D plans of the space are delivered to implement the correct technical solutions.
  4. The next step is that of realistic 3D photo simulations, which allow the visualization of the space under design, as it will look “in the future”. Despite the fact that they look like photographs of an already arranged interior, they are computer-generated images, through a complex process and employing considerable resources.
  5. Following is a first selection of pieces of furniture and decorations, on the edge of the 2D board, the objects that will be actually used in the arrangement of the space. A draft budget for the development proposal shall also be provided, along with a correct overview of the costs required to implement the project.

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