Stilul Boho, creativitate si libertate in design interior.


Stilul Boho, creativitate si libertate in design interior.

Boho interior design style inspires freedom, creativity and relaxation. Characterized by a vibrant and colorful mix of multicultural influences, textures and layers, this design style breaks from the conventional and exudes a unique and carefree appeal. Regardless of the construction project, adding a touch of Boho will liven up your home and reflect your personality.

What is Boho style

The term Boho is derived from the French word bohemian, which in the 19th century referred to nomads who came to France from the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. Wanderers, living on the fringes of society, outside the conventions of the times, they were associated with the idea of dreaming, disobedience, without obligations. Gradually, the word bohemian came to mean any student, artist, writer, or intellectual who adopted a nonconformist lifestyle with few worldly possessions.

Boho style, sometimes known as bohemian style, is all about creating a relaxed and eclectic look. This style of interior design incorporates a mix of colors, patterns and textures with an emphasis on comfort and functionality. Often, it also includes traditional elements specific to cultures from different parts of the world, but also vintage elements, period furniture and antiques. Fancy colors, geometric patterns and handmade products are also present in Boho-style interiors.

Characteristics of Boho style

  • Rich colors

Boho-style interiors do not have a specific color scheme. The most common are warm earth tones: brown, terracotta and metallic colors. Tones of precious metals and stones, such as purple and bright orange, electric blue, are often seen in accessories and decor. While neutral tones are mostly found in large pieces and upholstered furniture, for longevity.

  • Mix of patterns and textures

The comfort in the Boho room is mainly created by the textile accessories: heavy curtains, pillows, large blankets, soft beanbag chairs. This style brings together patterns from different parts of the world, including mosaics, geometric, tribal and paisley prints. The mix of textures – smooth, velvety, soft, fine – adds extra glamour.

  • Authentic casual

Boho home decor is casual. This style allows a balanced juxtaposition of new and vintage items, experimenting with a wide range of decor styles. It combines wood, leather and sisal in an original way, and tends to combine items that are not ordinary, but not without appeal and glamour. Boho interior is authentic. Authenticity is inspired by the personality, preferences, boldness and optimism of each owner.

  • Furniture with a story

Every piece in the Boho interior tells a story. Antique objects perhaps best convey the charm of this style of interior design. Different elements can be combined, vintage items from distinct periods, but each with its own history. Victorian era furniture such as sofas and armchairs in rich colors with a dark frame is a good example.