Design interior cu ajutorul oglinzilor


Design interior cu ajutorul oglinzilor

Using mirrors is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to decorate an interior. A mirror is not only a practical and functional object. A well-placed mirror can radically transform the entire living space, adding extra elegance and shimmer.


3 reasons for including mirrors in interior design


  1. Increase visual space

Mirrors play a fascinating role in altering our perception of space. By their nature, they create optical illusions that increase the visual space. Thus, the room appears wider than it actually is.

To create the illusion of space, the correct placement of mirrors is essential. For more openness of the interior space, position the mirrors opposite the windows or doors. Also, positioning several mirrors on the wall, in an arrangement like an art gallery, helps to expand the visual space.

Mirrors or applications with a mirror effect are a solution to widen the space, especially for hallways or narrow bathrooms.


  1. Add brightness

Placing a mirror in front of a window allows it to reflect sunlight, effectively illuminating the entire space. Also, placing some mirrors near light sources, such as lamps or pendant lights, amplifies the brightness in any interior.

Use mirrored furniture, coffee tables or mirrored console tables to reflect light and brighten even darker corners to add shimmer and create an airy feel. Place mirrors behind potted plants to create the illusion of a space rich in nature’s elements.

All these will transform any room into a bright and welcoming space.


  1. Offer excellent creative expresion

Regardless of the chosen interior design style, the use of mirrors will help express your personality and creativity.

Mirrors can be used to create symmetry, balance and harmony in a room. But they can also be used strategically to create captivating focal points. A mirror positioned above a fireplace or a decorative mirror with an interesting frame or unique shape will attract attention and complement the interior design style.

Place mirrors on the opposite walls of the points of interest, such as artwork or architectural features, to heighten their impact and add depth.


The strategic placement of mirrors, their ability to reflect light and the use of mirrored furniture or decorations can create an open and visually welcoming interior. Mirrors in different colors, adapted to the chromatics of the space, are versatile and transformative tools for home decor and can make a bold statement in any room.

Work with an interior designer to choose the most suitable mirror models and integration solutions in your preferred style, to transform your home and highlight your personality!