We all hope that one day we will live in our dream house. Whether this means moving in a new house or just renovating our current home, turning dreams into reality is not as easy as it seems. Here are the main reasons one should work with an interior designer in order to really enjoy turning his dream house into reality:

  1. Clarity and best solutions

An interior designer has vision and experience. No matter how many magazines or websites you read, regardless the number of ideas you can extract from these sources, you need the eye of a professional, an expert who can tell you what is fitted for an interior, if and how all your ideas match and which is the most appropriate style for that particular space and as well as your personality.

We, at REWIRE interior design®, can offer you the possibility to visualize your new home, even before beginning implement the interior design project. Our 3D rendering department creates accurate sketches and 3D visualizations for any space, therefore you can see exactly how your home is going to look like, the positioning, the proportions and perfect matching of all furniture and decoration pieces.

  1. Professional team and exclusive suppliers

When you work with an interior design studio you not only get an image of how an interior could look like or just some recommendations, you also benefit of the guarantee of implementing the interior design project by a professionals in all areas implied by your house interior design project.

Furthermore, REWIRE interior design® facilitates its clients the acquisition of the exact furniture or decoration pieces included in the project. REWIRE interior design® team works together with various top local and international suppliers and artists, therefore you won’t have to search by yourself the solutions we propose or any other similar alternatives.

  1. Efficiency and time saving

Each of us knows what a construction site means, no matter how small, even when you want to renovate one single room. Most of the time, you don’t even know where to begin. And it could get even more complicated when we want to furnish and decorate a brand new house or to renovate an entire house. How much time and patience it takes when coordinating and supervising the workers, for example.  

An interior designer is like an orchestra conductor for the entire project. He is the one who coordinates the entire work on the construction site and makes sure that the project is implemented as conceived. We know exactly what should be done and we can anticipate any obstacles could appear, guarantying efficiency and time saving.

  1. Economical budget and money savings

When you first think about it, it may seem wrong to talk about money savings when you hire an interior designer, which you have to pay. But the truth is an interior designer can help you correctly calculate the budget needed for your project, stay within a certain available budget and save money by avoiding expensive mistakes.

When you choose not to work with an interior designer, you risk spending much more money, because you may be surprised that certain decisions are not the right ones and you have to start over.

  1. Plus aesthetic and financial value

An interior designer knows how to increase the value of a house, both aesthetic and financial. The role of an interior designer is to observe the potential of an interior space, to find ”out of the box” solutions, to offer trending recommendations, both related to materials and finishes, as well as colouring and decoration pieces, which all together will turn your dream house into reality.

The value of a house may increase by 25-30% when you arrange it by working with a professional interior designer.