A house called “probably the most beautiful house in London” is sold for 950,000 pounds ($ 1.3 million).

“Small spaces, full of personality” – Crista Ioan, designer at

A house called “probably the most beautiful house in London” is sold for 950,000 pounds ($ 1.3 million).
With a width of only 1.82 meters and covering only 96 square meters, the five-floors property was once a hat shop, according to the real estate agent of the Winkworth company, which sells it.

The narrowest house in London

The house was later bought by the famous photographer Juergen Teller, who turned it into a living space, with a simple interior design, but full of good taste and original pieces. Thus, it includes an original Art Deco bathtub, an AGA cooking machine and many other lovely details.

“Very narrow houses offer an attractive solution to crowded cities” – Crista Ioan

The house has 5 floors. On the ground floor there are a kitchen, a dining room and double-height glass doors that open the space to the garden, while on the first floor is the living room.
The spiral staircase leads to the second floor, where there are an office, a bedroom and a terrace.
On the third floor there are a bathroom, a dressing room and a shower room. At the top of the house is the master bedroom.
“The interior design of this house has the personalized approach of a luxury yacht, making the most of small spaces”, according to the real estate agency Winkworth, which deals with the intermediation of this property.

This property is far from being accessible to a wide range of potential owners

The narrow house may be a bit strange in London, but this kind of house has long been in high demand in countries where the land is taxed based on width, such as Vietnam, the Netherlands and Japan in particular, which has established itself as a pioneer in this domain.
And, although a price of £ 950,000 means that this property is far from being accessible to a large mass of people, small houses are becoming more popular as architects face high living costs in large urban areas, especially.
At the same time, however, the passion for small spaces is not new among experts. Thus, the interior designer of the agency, Crista Ioan, confesses to us: “I have always liked the challenges related to the partitioning and arrangement of a small space.

Ingenious solutions and solid technical knowledge

“Playing” with a few square meters requires a lot of creativity, the observance of the primary functions of the space being completed with ingenious solutions and solid technical knowledge.
We strongly believe that, as is specific to Asian culture, less can be more. We also see in Europe more and more the tendency to return to the origins, to a responsible lifestyle, without many claims, going through all aspects: intense concern for nutrition, minimalist and sustainable fashion, special attention for the body and its care, small living spaces.
In a small house, the concentration of energy is much more intense, so it is very important to correctly delimit the areas and the flow between them.”
Therefore, a small home, without unnecessary things, with a strong personal imprint, invites to and completes a way of life based on respect for nature, for those around us, to be happy per se.