Project no. 21B

Project no. 21B

This residence was designed starting from the incredible geographical position, on the ridge of a hill in an extremely picturesque area of Romania.

With a panoramic view of over 180 degrees, the challenge was to make the most of the strengths offered by the position, but also considering the technical and functional aspects of such a project.

The result was a house arranged in two floors, facing east, with a generous interior garden and 2 levels: ground floor and semi-basement.

The arrangement of this residence followed the wishes of the owners, a young family, at the beginning of their life together, who wants a modern


home, adapted to contemporary society, but with very strong personality accents.

The transition between the two levels – ground floor and semi-basement – is made on a staircase with an imposing volume, which connects the two floors and creates a unitary space.

Infused with distinctive materiality, warm colors but with bold accents, personalized furniture and original pieces, decorations and unique pieces of art, the residence surprises with the beauty of the unexpected discovery of the spaces you walk through.