Office Design


Office Design

The office space must not only be functional, but also aesthetically enriched. Thus, the energy filling the space due to the working effort will be balanced by the beauty and elegance of the pieces of furniture and accessories chosen for the interior. An office space that inspires the sensitivity and delicacy specific to art objects and styles will provide the necessary atmosphere for inspiration and creativity. We present a special REWIRE INTERIOR DESIGN® project for a home office.

Office with an artistic touch

Studies show that office work is much more effective when the person working resonates with the office space, whether at home or in an office building. Studies underline the fact that the interiors, but also the views offered by the windows of the office space, are an important factor for the mindset and wellbeing of the one who works in that interior.

The atmosphere created in the office space can positively influence productivity and motivation during work time, increasing creativity and inspiration and reducing stress and effort felt during working hours at the office.

That’s why we chose to create an office space that is not only a work space, but also one that includes artistic and relaxing touches, in pastel and soothing colors, and with numerous sources of welcoming light.

Arched bookcase, Parisian style

The functionality of the office space is primarily provided by the storage spaces. But no one says they have to approach the usual, classic cabinet style with straight shelves and drawers.

For this office, we chose to incorporate both a built-in wall bookcase and a bookcase on the top of the desk, for even greater efficiency of the interior space, both in a distinct style, inspired by the Cabinet de Curiosités bookcase, made by French designer Fabrice Berrux.

The bookcase with arches looking like windows provides enough space to store and organize the books, office supplies and products needed for successful work activities.

In such an office it is easy to integrate creative decoration and art objects, photos, or plants, which transform the workplace into a pleasant and inspiring environment.