Dormitor pentru copii


Dormitor pentru copii

Designing a children’s room is definitely one of the most interesting parts of a home interior design project. Interior design projects where the direct beneficiaries are children are perhaps the most rewarding and challenging for an interior designer. From the choice of colors to the identification of the most optimal storage solutions, interior design projects for children’s bedrooms are real special projects that must perfectly combine functionality with aesthetics, not to break completely from the interior design line of the entire home, but at the same time to stand out. REWIRE interior design® presents you some special projects for the children’s bedroom.

Bedroom for boys

The boy’s bedroom represents a whole universe of interior design opportunities. Think themed spaces, inspiring artwork, bold colors, fabulous pattern and more. Generous storage spaces will help maximize space and encourage order and cleanliness.

In our projects for boys’ bedrooms, we opted either for thematic decoration, inspired by children’s preferences – the passion for knowing the universe or for video games, or for colors that instill calm and concentration.

Bedroom for girls

Creating the perfect girls’ bedroom means choosing the right layout, furniture and color palette. In addition, there must be a dose of creativity and play – two elements that never fail to enhance the design of a child’s room.

Our interior design projects for girls’ rooms are full of elegance and finesse. The color scheme is simple but modern: background of neutral shades with small color accents. Accessories emphasize the graceful and stylish character of the room, creating the perfect atmosphere for sensitive and delicate girls.

Safari bedroom for small children

Small children are primarily interested in playing and discovering new things. The interior design of the bedroom for the little ones will therefore be the environment in which they will feel safe and which will allow them to explore freely. Whether your little one is drawn to bright colors or not, there are plenty of color palette options to inspire and support their energy and cheer.

We present you a proposal for a bedroom project for a preschool child inspired by the safari universe, in which we have also included a small tent that can always be transformed into a play space or a space for storing toys.

These bedroom ideas are just a few examples of special projects for children, signed by REWIRE interior design® that can be a source of inspiration for children‘s bedrooms. With the help of the interior designers in our team, you can turn any idea into a fabulous project, adapted to the preferences and requirements specific to every age and passion.