Tehnologia modernă, integrată perfect în orice design interior


Tehnologia modernă, integrată perfect în orice design interior

The comfort that a smart home offers is obvious. However, there are people who believe that installing smart equipment has a negative impact on interior design. Our team can help you perfectly integrate modern technology into any interior design.

Modern technology in matching colours with interior design

Most smart home devices are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, shapes and designs. Therefore, you can easily find the desired item that matches the design of the house. For example, a smart doorbell can be easily matched to the colour of the door or handle. Likewise, a smart switch or socket can also be a design item, either in harmony or in contrast with the colour of the walls. Even security systems can create a colour play or be almost invisible, depending on chromatic preferences.

No visible wires and cables

Modern technology makes your life easier. But if you don’t want to see wires and cables lying around the house, there are solutions for all tastes and all pockets.

  • There are plenty wireless options today. From wireless monitors and speakers, to vacuum cleaners that can be controlled directly from a mobile app.
  • Because many household appliances and equipment require at least one power source, wires and cables can easily be hidden in walls or false ceilings, or behind decorative or furniture pieces.


Custom integration

Modern technology can be easily integrated into any interior design with a customized project. A traditional looking door can have the smart closing system customized to look like a traditional handle. The TV can be framed in furniture pieces, in a niche or in picture frames, perfectly integrated into the design of the house. Speakers can be recessed into the ceiling. These are just a few solutions that an interior designer can customize according to individual needs.

Perfect balance between modern technology and interior design

You don’t need to worry either if you want to add smart equipment without changing the entire design project of the house. Try to disguise modern technology with decor components so that it becomes part of the style of your house. For example, you can put a speaker or a white video camera on a wooden shelf, add a vase and a small statue in the same design style of the room, and you will get a balanced and attractive look.

Modern technology has many benefits. Having a smart home and comfort in life does not mean sacrificing the aesthetics of your home. Any gadget can be perfectly integrated into the interior design to enjoy an elegant and smart home. For optimal solutions, trust an interior designer!